Buy-In Parties

For questions about buy-in parties, please contact the host email shown below. Thank you!


Trojan Pop Warner
Spring Football Clinic

Sunday 5/22/16 Trojans Pop Warner $30/kid 30 kids

Trojan Pop Warner
Cheer Clinic

Sunday 5/22/16 Trojans Pop Warner $30/kid 30 kids

Cheers and Tears Luncheon (5th Grade Moms)

Wednesday 6/1/16 Tyler, Breazeale, Lewis, Ayres $45/mom 25 moms

Mardi Gras on Mesa
Crawfish Boil

Friday 6/3/16 Tyler, Thompson, Atkins, Gregorski, McLaughlin, Jones, Shields, Breazeale, Hotz $100/couple 75 couples

3nd Grade Parents Back to School Burgers & Beer

Fri 9/9/16 Chapman, Atkins, Etheredge, Nix, Hutchison, Bellavia, Green, Wilson $75/couple 35 couples


Saturday 10/22/16 Owens, Schocket, Richards, Hutchison, Matthys $100/couple 50 couples

Family Movie Night

Friday 11/4/16 Bronson, Chapman, Granoff, Liberman, May, Rutman, Siegel, Rothwell, Shafto $100/family 50 families

Casino Night

Saturday 11/5/16 Galligan, Iles, Krauss, Malek, Matthys, Owens, Schocket, & Young $100/couple
50 couples

Boots & Bourbon


Cardenas, Clements, Dodson, Frieden, Knebel, Richards, Shepard, Wenzel, Yeagar $100/couple
50 couples

Holiday Open House

Small, Brydson, Webb, DeShazo $75/family 40 families

Shuffle Up and Doss

Solka & Wilson $25 seat at the table
$25 buy-in
(with one $25 re-buy)
25 seats

Mad Men Martinis

Saturday 2/4/17 Rios, Ziegler, Popelka, Sencenbaugh, Bosworth, $75/couple 35 couples

Valentine's Sip and Sway

Saturday 2/11/17 Huels, Bernard, Laves, McReynolds, Ward $100/couple 30 couples

Mom's Night Out

Foster, Longoria, Brooks, Webb, Smith, Meyer, Anderson, Rothwell $75/mom 32 moms

King Cake and Cocktails

Saturday 3/4/17 McReynolds & Knebels $75/couple 25 couples

Children's Buy-In Parties


Pre-School Club/2016-2017 INCOMING Kinder Trampoline Party

Sun 8/28/16 Owens, Chapman, J. Freytag, Gitcho, Nash, C. Freytag, Sencenbaugh $30/kid 25 kids

Kinder Girls Art Party at Smudge Studios

Sun 6/5/16 Christie, Williford, Gilbreath, Nix, Skaggs, Malek, Jones $30/kid 15 girls

Kinder Boys Swim Party

Fri 8/19/16 Cohen, Etheredge, Bosworth, Poloskey, Waltzer $30/kid 20 boys

First Grade Girls
Dance Party

Fri 9/30/16 McCarthy, Watson, Hajdu, DePalma, Rudolph $30/kid 20 girls

First Grade Boys
Trampoline Party

Fri 8/19/16 Foster, McDavid, Nash, Wilson, Popelka, Haegelin $30/kid 20 boys

Second Grade Girls
Trampoline Party

Thurs 8/18/16 Schocket, Skaggs, Krauss, Kane, Iles $30/kid 25 girls

Second Grade Boys Pool Party

Sat 8/20/16 Mabley, Longoria, Galligan, Young, Smith, Gephart $30/kid 25 boys

Third Grade Girls
Painting at Marmalade Skies

Sun 5/22/16
Owens, Siegel, Matthys, Hutchison, Richards, Meyer, Malek $30/kid 20 girls

Third Grade Boys Pool Party

Fri 8/19/16 Young, Atkins, Chapman, Wright, Rothwell $30/kid 25 boys

Fourth Grade Girls Pool Party

Sat 5/7/16 McLaughlin, Jones, Page, Groos, Thompson, Klein $30/kid 20 girls

Fourth Grade Boys Arcade Party

Sat 8/20/16 Ward, Rios, Whitworth, Martin, Kitchen, Christie, Bosworth $30/kid 25 boys

Class of 2023 Back to School Pool Party
(Fifth Grade)

Thurs 8/18/16 Swann, Mabley, Breazeale, Tyler, Steakley, Payne, Belew, Rothwell, Webb, Gregorski, Small, Parsons $30/kid 50 kids